Around the Blogs in February

There just isn't enough time to read everything I want to: newly published indie ebooks; runaway bestsellers; classics I always meant to read (I'm still trying to get through War and Peace); old favourites; books for research purposes; newspapers (on-line, of course); and blogposts.

So many blogposts and so many good ones.

Here are links to a few blogposts I've read recently from some of my favourite indie authors.

Click the author's name to go to their page on Amazon and the other links for their blogs.

Wendy Percival has been untangling more Family History Secrets and also sharing her approach to naming her characters.

Julia Hughes has posted a review of a novel she's read recently. Don't think I'm biased but she's got excellent taste.

I love Jonathan Hill's One Hundred Word Reviews and he's written loads of them since the last time I visited the blog. Films, books, plays, art shows, TV: something for everyone and each takes only a few seconds to read. Brilliant!

If you're waiting impatiently for Mr Hill's next book keep up-to-date with progress on his website.

Luciana Cavallaro has put together a fascinating piece on The Search for Atlantis on her Eternal Atlantis website. Don't miss my interview with Luciana Cavallaro this month on Indie Bookworm.

Saskia Tepe (Surviving Brigitte's Secrets) has gone off to the U.S.A via Australia and is blogging her travels at Saskia and Richard's RVing Adventures. The latest post is a reflection on the couple's time in Australia as they go Into the Blue.

I always enjoy Iridescent Publishing's mix of posts and clippings of which some are related to William Azuski's Travels in Elysium and some are not.

I've only recently started reading Chris Jane's 5 On series but so far everything I've read has been really interesting and highly thought-provoking like this latest piece Hashtag: Kill the trigger warnings.

And, if you haven't seen this Youtube video yet, I hope you enjoy it. Me? I think it's addictive.