An Explosive Time (Celtic Cousins' Adventures Book 3) by Julia Hughes

Author Julia Hughes has created three memorable characters for the Celtic Cousins' Adventures trilogy. 

Each book features the two cousins of the title, Wren and Rhyllann and their adversary and mentor DI Crombie although Crombie only plays a small part in the second book. 

However Crombie is back centre stage in An Explosive Time when, to quote from the book description,
"a circus elephant goes missing on Detective Inspector Crombie's watch, he immediately thinks of Celtic Cousins Wren and Rhyllann, who have to his mind made a career out of being the collective bane of his existence. And his instincts are correct: the cousins HAVE been up to something--but when Crombie finds out what it is and why, he runs into resistance not only from his immediate superiors, but also from the corridors of power in Whitehall itself."

Right from the start DI Crombie has problems to sort out and his character is developed much more in An Explosive Time. He has a more mature relationship with the Celtic Cousins and the snappy, witty dialogue that passes between them is at times laugh aloud funny.

The supporting cast of police officers and villains, including those in very high places, are really engaging and the author has made them real and convincing even though some of the plot elements stretch credulity: yes the elephant and the alligator on the book cover really are in the story.

The plot is fast paced and once it got going I found this was a book I couldn't put down. In the end I gave in and just sat down and had a good read. The plot hurtles from one side of London to another and the descriptions of some of the places visited are vivid and real.

I enjoyed both A Raucous Time and A Ripple in Time but I thought An Explosive Time was the best book of the trilogy. Everything comes together so well in this book: great plotting, lively and entertaining characters and a quirky, slightly sardonic writing style makes this a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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