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It's been a while since I went on a trip round the blogs of some of my favourite authors.

Today I've found three gems ....

I love Jonathan Hill's 100 WORD REVIEWS of books, theatre, film, comedy, television and music. Jonathan is the author of two collections of Drabbles - short stories written in exactly 100 words so he's a master of the form. His reviews are honest, succinct and entertaining; the recent crop includes the touring production of To Kill a Mockingbird which has delighted audiences all round the country since the start of the tour last year at the open air theatre in Regent's Park. We saw To Kill a Mockingbird at West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds earlier this year and loved the production too. It's ending the tour at The Barbican and is well worth seeing.

Jonathan is the author of the hilarious 'Maureen' novellas and the widely acclaimed novel 'FAG'. Details of all Jonathan Hill's books are on his author page at Amazon and his website.

After considerable research, Saskia Tepe wrote the intimate and moving 'Surviving Brigitte's Secrets: A Holocaust Survivor. Her Daughter. Two Traumatic Journeys'. It's an extraordinary book which gives unique insights into a complex and emotional personal story. Some months after publication Saskia and her partner packed up and went travelling in the USA. Now she's writing an amazing blog documenting her experiences and new life. The latest episode in her exciting and very entertaining story is about a few days spent helping homesteaders and going white water rafting. You can find details of Saskia's wonderful memoir on her Amazon author page and read her blog at Saskia and Richard's Blog.

One of the best Family History blogs I know is written by mystery writer Wendy Percival. She's the author of the Esme Quentin mysteries 'Blood-Tied' and 'The Indelible Stain'. Her latest blog post at Family History Secrets is about her toxophilite ancestors and the conundrums of tracking them down. (No, I didn't know what toxophily was either!)

Family History Secrets can be found here and you can get details of the Esme Quentin mysteries by Wendy Percival at her Amazon author page.

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