Cabbage and Semolina

My mother-in-law, Rose Murray, lived until she was ninety eight years old. We often encouraged Rose to write her life's story. She was born in 1908 and, as she frequently reminded us, had lived through two world wars in the heart of London's East End. Aged about ninety two Rose started to record her memories but it was too late. She couldn't sustain the interest or the concentration; all she managed to capture was a short memoir about her childhood.

Rose's memoir is a fascinating document and it's such a pity that we didn't help her to write more of her reminiscences while she was able.

For many years I've been interested in family history. I've explored the twists and turns of most of the branches of our family tree. Reading Rose's memoir and thinking about her story made me decide that I would record some of my own recollections while I still could.

From Nylon Frocks and Cotton Socks to Carrier Bags and Nutty Slack, Cabbage and Semolina is a kaleidoscope of recollections and family stories drawn from a happy childhood in 1950s Britain.