Julia's Room by Michael Murray

Humiliated by a colleague.

Shocked by a stranger in a pub.

Will Alan ever feel the same about Julia again?


5* review 'Straightaway it plunges the reader into the murky world of journalism in the 70s.'

5* review 'the story has several twists before it gets to an unexpected ending.'

5* review 'an excellent short story'

5* review 'Set in the hey day of Fleet Street, at a time when women could be even more sexist than men, this was compelling reading. Fantastic characters who, frankly, deserve to have their own stories told. Dominating all was the narrator's obsession with the enigmatic, yet worldly Julia, who collects men's hearts as other women collect shoes. However, when a romance becomes too serious, Julia poses an all important question. Infatuated men are advised "to think carefully before you respond. Our future together depends on your answer." How can you not love this woman? Once again, effortless prose allows readers to enter the story, experience the heady atmosphere of a gossip hungry newspaper office, and stroll through London with the extremely likable - and lively - narrator. A flawless little gem that leaves you wanting more.'



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