Tall, Dark and Kilted by Lizzie Lamb

I read Boot Camp Bride by Lizzie Lamb some months ago. It's a well written and very amusing romance novel and I had high hopes that Tall, Dark and Kilted would be the same. In fact, Tall, Dark and Kilted is even better and I really enjoyed reading it.

Tall, Dark and Kilted is a contemporary romance novel set in the Highlands of Scotland with two main characters, Fliss and Ruairi. Fliss works as a holistic therapist and dreams of having her own therapy centre. When an opportunity to re-locate to the Highlands is offered she grabs it with both hands.

Ruari Urquhart is the Laird of Kinloch Mara. Well, he would be with a name like that, wouldn't he? He's handsome and sexy but unfortunately he's not in favour of the therapy centre or Fliss' new role there.

Fliss decides that she will have to make Ruari change his opinion of her and get the therapy centre off the ground despite his opposition. From its opening pages in Notting Hill to the wonderful Highland setting, the novel is a delightfully funny account of Fliss' efforts and Ruari's reactions.

In addition to the lovely scenery (and I don't just mean the mountains), there's a lively and page turning plot; engaging and well developed supporting characters; and an abundance of humour.

I particularly liked the dialogue between Fliss and Ruari which sizzles with undercurrents of attraction and annoyance in equal measure. Mostly I was supporting Fliss as she struggles to achieve her life's ambition and is periodically thwarted by the self-centredness of some of the other characters.

Lizzie Lamb has done a great job in exploring the relationships between the various characters and woven their stories together in a lively and engaging romantic comedy. The book has a great, and unexpected, ending and definitely gets five stars from me.

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