Cathedral of Lies (Detective Inspector Doug Taylor Book 1) by John Pye

With a gripping plot, interesting characters and an unexpected thriller style development, Cathedral of Lies is a page turner from start to finish.

DI Doug Taylor of the Staffordshire Police teams up with three police officers from Exeter when their respective investigations become entwined. Unexpectedly, the plot develops to encompass elements of a real life unsolved crime which broadens out the setting of this exciting novel into another country.

As a retired police officer, author John Pye uses his knowledge of police procedure to give this book a high level of authenticity. The dialogue feels very real: it's sharp and pacey and helps to keep the plot driving forwards and it adds to the sense of urgency that builds as the novel develops.

The relationships between the villains are complex and challenge the reader to try and work out who has been doing what to whom and why with a new interpretation in every chapter.

The novel is intriguing and exciting and after a few pages I found I had to force myself to put it down to go and do other things.

A really good read and there's a second DI Doug Taylor (Field of Lies)already published and waiting to be read.

This is a link to the Amazon bookpage for Cathedral of Lies and this is a link to the Author's website.

The website is well worth looking at. When you get to the end of Cathedral of Lies you find a secret code which lets you further into the website where there is a wealth of background information about several aspects of the story.

A bit of detective work on my part has found that author John Pye is of particular interest to self-published indie authors. In November 2013 he was interviewed in The Guardian about several aspects of self publishing and his answers still make for interesting reading.