The Little Girl Waits by Jamie Greening

The unlikely hero of The Little Girl Waits is a Baptist Church minister whose congregation is located on the north west Pacific coast. Pastor Butch Gregory is distressed when Tamara, a young girl who attends his church, disappears, apparently without trace. 

Pastor Butch thinks he is called by God to search for the girl and rescue her. In his quest he is assisted by a disillusioned war veteran and a woman who is straight-talking and street-wise. Inspired by a prophetic poem, the determined trio are confronted with a series of obstacles as they race against time to save the girl.

The novel is well written in a direct style which is easy to read and moves with good pace from page to page. Although the underlying theme of child sex trafficking is unpleasant, I enjoyed reading the book and there were several aspects which I found interesting.

In the final pages, the author explains the circumstances which lead him to write the book. This provides the rationale for him looking at the issue of child sex trafficking in a novel. The novel succeeds in raising awareness of the subject without the use of gratuitous detail for which the author should be commended.

The novel is an overtly Christian book which explores the positive power of prayer and demonstrates the integration of bible study into the challenges of everyday life even in the difficult circumstances explored in the plot.

The two supporting characters, Wyoming Wallace and Amber Smith, are both very interesting. They are essential to the success of the venture and to the fulfilment of the prophecy. They are also vital to the Christian sub-text particularly in relation to the themes of retribution and redemption which criss-cross the text.

There are elements of the supernatural in the book which with a different focus would place the novel in the fantasy genre. This mixes with the thriller aspects of the novel to produce a highly readable hybrid which, for something a bit different, is well worth a look.

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