The Northern Star: The Beginning by Mike Gullickson

This novel is set in the future; in 2058 to be precise. 

If I live so long I'll be well past the age when I get a celebratory telegram from The Queen and I hope I don't. What a world! The struggle for dwindling resources has created chaos and the new "Mindlink" technology has opened cyberspace to the masses.

Mindlink "sleepers" facilitate the process but a super-sleeper causes devastation on-line becoming a pawn in the global struggle; and an injured soldier, John Raimey, is transformed into a powerful bionic warrior known as a Tank Major to try and bring some order back into the chaos.

Author Mike Gullickson has created a totally authentic other-world into which the reader is skilfully transported. 

The pages fly by as the plot unfolds. 

It's difficult to write about this novel without giving the plot away, suffice to say I loved it. The text is peppered with barbed asides from the author about the state of a world that brought this new world into being. The insatiable greed for oil across the whole of the developed world is the root cause and where this ends up is really quite terrifying. 

Bring an imaginative yet completely plausible advanced cyber-world into the mix and the stage is set for a bumpy ride for the reader and the rest of humankind.

The Northern Star is a trilogy and having finished reading The Beginning I downloaded the second book and continued reading immediately. I'm in 2068 now and things are only getting worse! Highly recommended.

More details of The Northern Star trilogy on the author's Amazon author page and his website.