The Northern Star: Civil War by Mike Gullickson

Civil War is the second book in The Northern Star trilogy by Mike Gullickson.

I read The Beginning a few days ago (review here) and went straight on to Civil War. The author has included the opening chapters of Civil War at the end of The Beginning and it's such a gripping continuation of the story that it's impossible not to read on.

It seems unlikely that the state of the world could get any worse but in Civil War things go from bad to extraordinarily bad as the conflicts develop. The world has become a terrifying place by 2068. The author describes a world dominated by cyber techno superiority in which ordinary people are of minimal value and the motives of their rulers are even more questionable than in book one.

Although stretching credulity to the limit this is excellent science fiction. The writing is so vivid it makes the story completely believable. The terrifying future world imagined by the author contrasts starkly with the easily recognisable emotions of the main characters. Civil War continues to tell the story of John Rainey, the Tank Major, introduced in The Beginning who despite his extraordinary physical changes retains a profound and moving humanity.

At times this book reads like fantasy with almost spiritual overtones. The cyber world created by the author is on an epic scale and it is greatly to his credit that he manages to sustain the vision and develop it coherently through both books.

Civil War is another can't-put-it-down book and I enjoyed reading it immensely. I borrowed it with my Kindle Unlimited subscription but if I was buying I would definitely go for the omnibus edition with all three books in one volume. More details on the author's Amazon Author page.