Field of Lies (Detective Inspector Doug Taylor Book 2) by John Pye

Field of Lies 
(Detective Inspector Doug Taylor Book 2) 
by John Pye

Published 11 May 2015

Book Description from Amazon book page:

Suicide seems the obvious cause of a local man’s death, but Detective Constable Geoff Deakin is not so sure. He locks horns over the issue with his boss, career obsessed Detective Inspector Robin Preston and soon finds himself battling to hold onto his detective’s badge. 

Puzzling links are uncovered to an age old secret and to a missing girl. Deakin is taken out of the game before he uncovers a fraction of the dreadful facts. 

Deakin’s friend and former boss, DI Doug Taylor, in his usual impetuous form, bulldozes straight in, eager to unravel a growing mystery and an awful tragedy. His hot-headed actions soon land him in very deep water. A planned romantic winter break with girlfriend WDC Kim Harding is turned into an illegal search for answers. 

The truth lies much deeper than anyone could have imagined and is far more sickening than the worst nightmare could ever conjure."

My Review 

I enjoyed John Pye's previous novel, Cathedral of Lies, and enjoyed reading his second book even more.

DI Taylor and his team develop as even stronger characters and the plot is gripping and page turning.

The police procedural and forensic detail is excellent and gives the book depth and reality. The plot develops skilfully with many unexpected twists and turns.

The introduction of another strong female character, the mysterious Blonde, is an unexpected and effective addition to the story enhancing both the plot and the characterisation.

There is a very satisfying ending where all loose ends are convincingly tied up. Altogether a thoroughly enjoyable read and the third DI Taylor is on my list of books to read whenever in the future it appears.

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