Kings And Queens by Terry Tyler

I know Terry Tyler is a good writer as I've already read What It Takes (review here) and Nine Lives (review here) but with Kings and Queens she goes to a whole new level. I haven't enjoyed reading a "family business" saga so much since I read B. T. Bradford's The Woman of Substance.

Kings and Queens is a really well written family saga based on the fortunes of a property development company. Lanchester Estates is inherited in the 1970s by young, charismatic Harry Lanchester on the death of his father. The story recounts the ups and downs of Harry's business life along with the ups and downs of his love life.

Each chapter shifts the viewpoint to a different character although Harry's life-long friend Will Brandon returns to narrate more of the story from time to time. This structure works very well and the strongly developed characters, crisp and lively dialogue and highly engaging plot provide the reader with an excellent "can't -put-it-down" novel.

However, Kings and Queens has a twist because Terry Tyler has cleverly mirrored the story of Tudor King Henry the Eighth and his six wives in the development of her novel. This is not in any way an historical novel but everyone who knows the story of "divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived" will enjoy the parallels explored here. In addition the contemporary characters reflect what we know from history and historical fiction about Henry, his wives and other significant Tudor personalities.

The events in Kings and Queens often track the events in the historical saga although the author hasn't over-worked this and she allows contemporary realities to take precedence where necessary. But it's a nice puzzle to try and work out the historical references.

At the end of the book is information about a sequel. Yes, please! I can't wait to find out what happens to the next generation of Lanchesters. I read Kings and Queens with my Kindle Unlimited subscription and have already downloaded the sequel, Last Child. Watch this space!

More details of Kings and Queens and all Terry Tyler's other books on her Amazon Author Page.