Ten Guilty Men (A DCI Morton Crime Novel Book 3) by Sean Campbell

Ten Guilty Men 
(A DCI Morton Crime Novel Book 3) 
by Sean Campbell

Published 31 August 2015

Book Description from the Amazon book page:

"An anonymous tip leads DCI Morton to a detached house in Richmond where he finds the body of Ellis DeLange, celebrity photographer and socialite extraordinaire. 

Morton must investigate the details of Ellis' private life while keeping the baying mob of journalists out front away from the investigation, dealing with Ellis' highly secretive celebrity friends and trying to answer the one question that keeps on nagging at him: who called in the anonymous tip? 

The investigation takes a bizarre turn when a key witness reveals she saw a man fleeing from the crime scene in the dead of night - without any clothes on."

My Review

This was the first DCI Morton book I've read and I thought it was great.

The characters are realistic and convincing and a few pages in I found this was a book I had to keep on reading.

The plot is a tricky one for Morton and his team to solve and just when you think you've worked it out some new development occurs which knocks your theory out.

There is plenty of procedural and legal detail which helps to ground the book which combined with the high-life lived by the victim and the main suspects results in a really engaging read.

The deceased is just as much a character in the story as all the living and the dramatic title keeps you guessing right to the end.

Highly recommended.

Definitely going to read the earlier DCI Morton books.

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