Forget your specs!

Reading glasses?

No thanks. Just make the font larger on my Kindle.

Only problem - now I haven't any reading specs for recipe books, package labels, bills and "The New Confessions" by William Boyd (published in paperback 1987) and borrowed recently from my sister.

There must be a pair somewhere in the house, surely.

Which reminds me of an article in The Daily Mail On-Line I stumbled across about The Algha Works in East London. The factory has made specs on this site since the 1930s with very little change in the process. It makes for fascinating reading ....

.... and there are some examples of the dreaded NHS frames for kids which haunted my childhood. And then John Lennon made them a fashion item!

And, unbelievably, you can buy reading glasses in geeky styles and be right on trend.

On balance, I think reading is much easier with an ereader.

Whether or not you need reading specs I hope you'll have time to check out some of the great books I've reviewed here.

My most recent review was The House of York by the acclaimed Terry Tyler. You can read my review here or go straight to the bookpage and try a free sample of the book. Five stars from me and fifteen other reviewers; and very highly recommended.

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"You'll Stay Up to Read This One": well I certainly did. Excellent!

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