Congratulations Jeff Perren and Clio Story

Just a short post to-day to say Congratulations to Jeffrey Perren and Clio Story for being voted a semi-finalist in the AuthorsDB cover contest. 

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Book description

Approaching middle-age and desperately lonely, Lighthouse Keeper Curl Hoyer is pining to find a wife, the unique partner just right for him.

When alluring photo-journalist Henne arrives to do a story on him and the coastal facility, his prayer seems answered at last. Seductive and intriguing, she quickly makes him fall in love with her — all according to plan.

What is that plan?

At first blush, it appears nothing more than a desire to corral a man of unusual character. Soon, it’s uncovered to be a devilish scheme for revenge, payback for wounds nursed since adolescence. Henne intends both Curl and the tower the ultimate harm.

Why? What’s the mysterious connection between the pair that reaches back 20 years? How can a haunting seaside tower bring them together for one final showdown? And can Curl uncover the plan in time to save himself and the vital ship’s guide, standing guard for three generations?

My Review of The Lighthouse Pylon by Jeffrey Perren

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