Do you want to know more about ebook sales?

The other day I followed this interesting link from author Chris Jane's Twitter feed.

At Author Earnings they've analysed the data from over 200,000 authors and close to a million different books.

This includes: 

Half a billion ebook purchases
Three billion dollars in e-book purchases
One billion dollars in author earnings.

The report is fascinating and makes interesting reading.
The report was written in relation to the first quarter of 2015 and I noticed that the most recent report was for the final quarter of 2015. This report, for the first time at Author Earnings, deals with the UK ebook market.

The report show some interesting comparisons 

with USA and UK ebook performances. The UK ebook market appears to be large and growing. Again, the report makes for very interesting reading

Both reports show 

that self-published and small independent publishers are taking a strong market share. This contrasts with other surveys which have suggested the opposite and Author Earnings offers a very good explanation why their data is different. It wouldn't be ethical for me to reveal their findings but a clue is ISBN.

I've bookmarked the site 

and will be reading every report in future. If you've an interest in the
progress of the ebook revolution, I recommend you check it out too.

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