My Review of The Bridle Path (Country Lovers Romance Book 1) by Julia Hughes

I recently read Julia Hughes' new book "Everybody Lies", a detective novel, which I really enjoyed.
My review is here.

I was looking on Julia Hughes' author page at Amazon

 and noticed The Bridle Path which is a romance.
I've already read her Celtic Cousins' Adventures series and didn't expect Julia Hughes to write romances although there are some romantic scenes in A Ripple in Time.

I find authors who write in different genres very interesting 

and so was looking forward to finding out what Miss Hughes could do with a romance.

The Bridle Path (Country Lovers Romance Book 1) 

tells the story of twelve year old Sebby who, after being tragically orphaned two years previously, elects not to speak.
Sebby's aunt and guardian, Matilda, hopes that a new home in the tranquillity of the Cornish countryside will help restore his health.
Sebby is quickly befriended by the precocious Winny, only child of a local farmer, Greg DeSilva, and soon emerges from his self-imposed prison.
As the story develops, Matilda also finds her voice; aware that she too has been drifting through life, content with "good enough" when she could be magnificent.
From being afraid to say "Boo" to a goose, Matilda finally finds the strength to go after exactly what she wants on her terms.

The Bridle Path has all the ingredients of a fine romance. 

Matilda is the believable main character who falls in once-in-a-lifetime love. The author has devised imaginative and unusual conflicts and tensions that keep the lovers apart. There's a rich cast of supporting players who help and hinder the resolution to the lovers' problems. And Julia Hughes describes a fascinating and beautiful setting in which the story unfolds.

I enjoyed watching the relationships develop 

particularly between Matilda and her young nephew, Sebby. This is in addition to Matilda's relationships with men. Her boyfriend Jude is already in the running for Most Obnoxious Boyfriend of the Year. And Matilda's first encounter with Greg DeSilva and his "partner" Mary-Jo is far from auspicious no matter how good Greg looks on horse-back.

The reader knows that, like all good romances, the story must end happily-ever-after but it really is impossible to work out how this is going to happen. But, of course, it does!

The novel is very prettily set in Cornwall 

where the countryside is presented as part of an idyllic rural lifestyle. Until the characters get up close and personal with a manure heap and other messy farm jobs.

Altogether a very enjoyable, light read 

with a delightful pun in the title. According to the Amazon book page there's another Country Lovers Romance in the pipeline and I'm looking forward to reading it when it's published.

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