My Review of Everybody Lies by Julia Hughes

I finished reading Everybody Lies, the new DI Crombie novel from author Julia Hughes, 

a couple of weeks ago but the excitement of the Festive Season has prevented me from writing a review post. Now things are more or less back to normal, apart from several excess pounds to shed, I can catch up with my reviews.

The first thing to say is that

Everybody Lies is a really good novel and a most enjoyable detective story. 

I like Julia Hughes' writing but I think she's written her best book so far with this one.

DI Crombie is a wonderful character. 

He first appears in the author's Celtic Cousins' Adventure series where he alternately helps and hinders the cousins in pursuit of their goals. He's taciturn, down-to-earth, idiosyncratic and totally authentic and when I met him in A Raucous Time I knew he had the potential to develop into a real star. Next I read Crombie's Christmas where Crombie appears centre stage in his own short story. It's a quick read which includes some new aspects to Crombie's character and more back story about his home life. Crombie's Christmas ended with a hint from the author that there were more Crombie stories in the pipeline. And now there is! A full length Crombie novel which is really good.

A missing teenager, a disappearing conman and a suicidal rock-star are a huge challenge for Detective Inspector Crombie when he is given the job of investigating a complex web of family secrets and deceit.

The tricky plot is full of twists and red herrings that keep the reader guessing right to the end. There's a great sense of reality with sharp, entertaining dialogue and an attention to detail that makes Everybody Lies

a gripping page-turner and a thrilling whodunnit. 

Everybody Lies has a strong supporting cast and some particularly good female characters on both sides of the law. Written in a light-hearted, easy-reading style, from start to finish the book is humorous and entertaining.

A great full-length first novel for DI Crombie and another good read from Julia Hughes.

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