My Review of Darkness and Decadence: The Grumblings of a Gargoyle by Lynn Gerrard

I don't read a great deal of poetry but I do enjoy Lynn Gerrard's occasional poems on Twitter. 

I noticed this collection was available in Kindle UnLimited so thought I'd try it.
And I'm so glad I did.

The book description says that 

the poems will take you on a trip through the dark and the humorous sides of reality and fantasy alike, which they certainly do.

Some of the poems are funny, 

notably "The Lovers" and "Filth". Some even are hilarious especially "The End".

Many of the poems are dark and thought provoking. 

"Behind Closed Doors," "Old Soul" and "A Dragon and a Gargoyle" stand out. While "The Path of Yesterday," "Going Home" and "The Box" are just plain sad.
Another feature of some of the poems are the quirky twists in the final couple of lines: "Death Bed" and "An Appointment with Death" are good examples.
The rhythms in some of the poems are really musical: for example, "A Monster's Lullaby," "Panic Attack" and "Oh For Those Days".

This anthology is an excellent mix of subjects and styles

 and each poem is beautifully written with a sharp precision in the language.
I've noticed that

Lynn Gerrard has another collection of poems ready for publication on March 3rd.

I'm looking forward to seeing what's in it.
Meanwhile to read Darkness and Decadence: The Grumblings of a Gargoyle just follow this link or (if it functions on your device) use the Previewer below.