Review of 500+ Truly Useful Cooking Tips & Techniques: No Silly Hacks! by Suzy Bowler

'500+ Truly Useful Cooking Tips & Techniques: No Silly Hacks!' 

is the new version of '219 Cooking Tips and Techniques you might find useful' which I got as a free download last year.

You can read my original review here 

but when I noticed this new, extended version of the book I couldn't pass it by.
In order to download the new version I had to delete the original which caused a few technical glitches with the download. But the customer service at Amazon was 100% brilliant in sorting it out and now I've got the full 500+ version of the book.

I have loads of cooking books in my kitchen 

but what I really like about Suzy Bowler's books are that you can actually read them through from start to finish for the sheer enjoyment of her writing style and the amusing way in which she teaches the reader to cook.

Some of the tips will be familiar 

but I found useful and timely reminders amongst them. Many of the tips are new (to me anyway) and although I'm not entirely certain I'll use them all, they're worth knowing.

The photos in the book are lovely 

and even work ok on an early generation Kindle but they look really good on an iPad.

Suzy Bowler writes the Sudden Lunch Blog 

where she shares generously from her knowledge and publications.
You can get a good idea of her style from the website and, of course, read free samples of all her books at Amazon.


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500+ Truly Useful Cooking Tips & Techniques: No Silly Hacks!

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