Review of The Other Side by Terry Tyler

I've already read several novels by Terry Tyler
and know to expect something good. 

And The Other Side really is very good.

It's a story about making choices and the impact one decision can have on all the rest of life. And subsequent choices and their impact and so on.
But what makes the novel so interesting is that the tale is told in reverse chronological order.
So as the story goes back in time, the reader is already aware of the consequences of earlier decisions made by the main characters.
And then new, earlier choices are introduced which sometimes turn the story upside-down prompting a complete re-appraisal of what has already happened.

Consequently the novel is most satisfyingly complex. 

But it's made even more complex as there are four main characters each with their own story. Each of the characters' lives are profoundly impacted by the choices made but in unexpected ways.

The construction of the novel is very clever 

and the conclusion, which brings the stories up to date, is most surprising.
The more you get to know the characters the more their stories resonate with real life. Katya, Cathie, Alexa and Sandie really come to life along with their boyfriends and lovers, husbands and in-laws, children, friends and workmates. Although at first there are aspects of the main characters that are rather unlikeable, by the end of the novel, when all is revealed, they have become the reader's firm friends.

The Other Side is highly readable with a lovely, intimate narrator's voice 

that draws you in and keeps you totally engaged from start to finish.

It's such an entertaining novel and one that really makes you think. 

Highly recommended.


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