Review of Ezicash by Ian Thompson

Ezicash by Ian Thompson 

has a detailed book description on its Amazon Kindle store page which is well worth reading to get a flavour of the book.

I was drawn to the book by the eye-catching cover, 

the unusual title and the European Union setting of the book given the current national obsession with all things EU. I read the book with my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Ezicash is set in 2060 in a post-EU dystopia 

where safety and health have become all-consuming for the citizens of DOSH-1-TERMINUS-UK (Department of Safety and Health).
DOSH1 residents are part of EZICASH (Eurozone Investigative Coordinating All Safety and Health) and they live a carefully controlled, micro-managed lifestyle in a super-size, all-encompassing dome.

But one day there is a problem 

which can only be fixed by an outsider - someone who doesn't live in the dome.
It becomes apparent early on in the novel that there is an alternative to the sanitised dystopia of dome life. This is explored through the narrative of Philip Lud, an old fashioned plumber whose lifestyle, and that of his friends, is the very opposite of DOSH1.

Ezicash is a most unusual, satirical and highly entertaining novel. 

The author has, amazingly, created an extraordinary but completely plausible alternative world in EZICASH. This is because so much of DOSH1 is seen through the eyes of the very down to earth outers. These characters are rather eccentric and very engaging and contrast well with their more regimented neighbours in DOSH1. The author has also created some lovely contrasts in describing the two alternative worlds: the natural world outside the dome and the artificiality within.

I enjoyed reading the novel and look forward to reading more by Ian Thompson.

Details of Ezicash are on the author's Amazon Author Page.