Review of Ignoring Gravity by Sandra Danby

Ignoring Gravity is Sandra Danby's debut novel and it's stunningly good.

The novel connects two pairs of sisters separated by a generation of secrets. 

Finding her mother’s lost diaries, Rose begins to understand why she has always seemed the outsider in her family, why she feels so different from her sister, Lily. And the secrets keep on coming.

Ignoring Gravity is a really unusual novel 

which explores family trauma through a fusion of mystery, romance and detective fiction. The romance conforms to the conventions of romantic fiction but it doesn't dominate. Rose demonstrates the skills and perseverance of the seasoned detective. And the mystery she is trying to unravel is complex and original.

The characterisation is excellent 

and the two sisters, their parents, partners, friends and colleagues are vibrant and come alive as the story evolves. 

The novel is about adoption 

and a sense of belonging that Rose begins to understand as the plot evolves; and it's a novel about relationships. 

It's an emotional novel 

and the reader readily shares the emotion but it's never sentimental. The issues explored are handled sensitively by the author although she doesn't hold back in tackling their complex difficulties.

Ignoring Gravity is a very well-constructed novel 

with a plot which keeps the reader's close attention throughout. The plot takes some unexpected turns along the way but reaches a satisfying resolution in the end. 

Highly recommended.

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