Review of The One Saving Grace by Julie Houston

I downloaded Goodness, Grace and Me by Julie Houston in November 2013 and really enjoyed reading it. 

My review is here if you missed it.

I'm usually good at keeping tabs on new releases 

from authors I've enjoyed reading and can't understand how I missed the sequel, The One Saving Grace. In fact, the author's third book has been published recently but more of that later.

When I realised that Julie Houston had more on offer I downloaded The One Saving Grace straightaway with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. 

And it was just like meeting up with old friends. 

Once again, the relationships between Harriet, Grace and all their assorted families and friends are explored in great detail and once again it's a 100% enjoyable book to read.

The book description sets the scene:

When Harriet Westmoreland goes into labour with twins in Harvey Nichol’s men’s knicker department at exactly the moment she sets eyes on Alex Hamilton, it marks the start of a year of madness - for her, her family and, at times, it seems most of the West Yorkshire village of Midhope.
Giving birth only two months after Harriet, her childhood soulmate Grace has her own craziness to contend with. As both women hurtle down unexpected and very different paths, they flounder in a maelstrom of passion and confusion, perilously clinging on as the chain of events that threatens not only their comfortable, ordinary lives but also their very existence…

And The One Saving Grace well and truly lives up to its promise. 

I'm not saying anything more about the plot other than I thought it was brilliant. Towards the end of the novel you're on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to happen next and how all will be resolved.
Harriet and Grace are joined by the same supporting cast of family and friends but they're joined by some newcomers notably Anisim, the Russian oligarch Harriet's husband is doing business with and Lilian, the Mrs Doubtfire nanny who saves the day more than once.
The children have grown up a bit since the first book and there's the addition of the new baby twins into Harriet's family. And Grace finally achieves her desire to become a mum and is joined in her part of the story by baby, Jonty.

I really like the way Julie Houston describes the setting of Harriet's home in Yorkshire. 

Her descriptions of nature, sunsets and the weather are almost poetic and create lovely images of a rural idyll.

Narrated by Harriet herself, the novel draws the reader so closely into Harriet's dilemmas and emotions that you feel you know her in real life.

I thought Goodness, Grace and Me was really good but, amazingly, The One Saving Grace is even better. A fantastically enjoyable novel from Julie Houston and I'm going straight on to read her latest novel, Looking for Lucy, which is also available in Kindle Unlimited.
More details of The One Saving Grace by Julie Houston here.