Review of Full Circle by Terry Tyler

I finished reading Dream On by Terry Tyler a few days ago and started the sequel Full Circle straightaway.

What a great story this is.

The book more than lives up to its eye-catching description:

FULL CIRCLE is the sequel to Terry Tyler’s fourth novel, DREAM ON, but many have enjoyed it as a stand alone work. It’s a tale of love triangles, infidelity, an English rock band, the lure of celebrity, and the destructive nature of alcohol addiction. FULL CIRCLE - love and parenthood dramas, rock music and secret affairs, with a few laughs along the way!

Over both volumes the characters grow and grow. Right from the start the reader knows what the main character, Ariel, really wants out of life but did ever a character go such a long distance out of the way to cover a short distance correctly?
Anyway, in the end, at the very end, author Terry Tyler gets Ariel to the right place and brings the pair of books to a very satisfying conclusion.
If you haven't read Dream On and Full Circle yet then I would recommend you do. I read the books with my Kindle Unlimited subscription and really enjoyed reading them both.

Really good holiday reading 

and details on the author's page at Amazon.

Apart from a collection of short stories I've downloaded all the books published by the very talented Terry Tyler and enjoyed reading every one.

Her characters are always real and their stories embedded into true to life situations that everyone can recognise and identify with.
The obstacles the characters encounter are always plausible and their resolutions ultimately satisfying yet the twists and turns of the plotting are often unexpected, full of surprises with plenty of proverbial spanners in the works.
Although always entertaining and easy to read the novels deal with serious and complex issues. The author doesn't back away from addictions, betrayal or exploitation, for example, which adds depth to plots and characterisation. Terry Tyler's more recent novels set in an historical framework are particularly original and innovative. You can find further details of all the books on Terry Tyler's author page at Amazon if you follow this link and I recommend that you do.