Review of Until the Robin Walks on Snow by Bernice L. Rocque

I e-met author Bernice L. Rocque 

on Twitter in a discussion about some beautiful pieces of heirloom crochet-work. 

The author's family history account of the lives of her ancestors is equally beautiful.

Bernice Rocque has meticulously researched her family history over many years and some of the fascinating details are outlined at the end of the book.
The main part of the book is a fictionalised account of the birth of a premature baby and the struggles the family have to sustain the baby in a hostile environment.
There are references to folk-lore and the family's East European background which add interest and support the narrative. The characters develop strong personalities which shine through the pages.

Anyone who has spent enough time researching their ancestors to feel that they really know them will love the way the author has made her ancestors come alive.

This family story is set in early twentieth century east coast America but it transcends geographical area and will be just as meaningful to readers anywhere in the world who have a feel for the past.

Until the Robin Walks on Snow is a charming and insightful book and I loved reading every page of it. 

It's available in the Amazon Kindle Store and I read it with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. More details here if you follow this link.