Blind Date in Gibraltar by Margaret M Dunlop

Blind Date in Gibraltar by Margaret M Dunlop 

is an entertaining mix of romance and suspense.
Set amongst the villas, bars and cafes of the Spanish holiday and retirement coast, the writer uses lots of interesting local details to create the scenes.

From the book description, the novel is based in part on the author's real-life experiences.

The author lived from time to time over a period of years on the Costa del Sol in Spain where the action in the novel takes place. And once, when she was younger and still living in Scotland, she was offered a blind date in Gibraltar. All this gives the novel authenticity. Margaret Dunlop is a sharp observer who writes with insight, humour and compassion. She recognizes the hopes, fears and aspirations of people and creates a picture of the charm of the country as well as its rougher edges.

Georgie, the main character, is looking for romance but also a fresh start in life. 

She is an attractive forty something – too attractive to men for her own good. But she has been lonely and so an invitation for life in Spain, away from the traumas of her past, seems a good idea. But things intrude on her plans, some good, some bad and some outright menacing. How will she cope with the ex-pat way of life – with the men and women she meets? Readers will hate some of them and love others and perhaps be surprised as they identify with the characters – something easy to do with Margaret Dunlop’s keen style of writing.

Georgie's blind date in Gibraltar leads to a lot more than she (or the reader) expects.

Well written and engaging, this novel would be an ideal holiday read and is very enjoyable from the highly unusual beginning to the satisfying end.

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