Catching Up with Genealogical Mystery Writer Wendy Percival

I’m currently reading Death of a Cuckoo: An Esme Quentin Short Read by Wendy Percival. The novella was published on Monday by sBooks and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. I’ll publish my review in the next few days.

I met genealogical mystery writer Wendy Percival early in 2014 when I read her first novel, Blood-Tied. I was an early reader of her second novel, The Indelible Stain and was delighted when Wendy agreed to an interview for Indie Bookworm in October 2014 .

This week I've been catching up with Wendy on-line.

Hi Wendy! Congratulations on the launch of your new book. I was wondering what's been happening in your writing life since The Indelible Stain?

Since The Indelible Stain I've been plotting the next Esme mystery, writing posts for my Family History Secrets blog as well as a couple of articles for the Shropshire Family History Society's quarterly journal and I was thrilled to have an article published in Family Tree Magazine last May.

I've read some of your Family History Secrets blogposts, Wendy. And some of them were rather shocking…. I bet the Shropshire Family History Society had a thing or two to say about them!
You're obviously very busy with your Family History researches. Do you have any writing plans for 2017?

My writing plans for 2017 include: 
completing the editing for the third full-length Esme mystery for publication later in the year, 
begin writing my own memories, as I delve into the photograph & mementos archive I inherited last year, 
continue with my blog 
and maybe pen another article for Family Tree Magazine.

That sounds like a busy schedule to me. I can't wait to read the next full-length Esme Quentin mystery; she's a great character. And thanks, Wendy, for telling us about your writing life; I really appreciate you taking the time in your busy book-launch week to answer my questions.

Death of a Cuckoo is available to download from the Amazon Kindle Store.

Wendy's Family Secrets Blog is here and you can get a link to her article in Family Tree Magazine here.

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