I Came to Find a Girl by Jaq Hazell

I downloaded Shopping at Tesco, 

a short story by Jaq Hazell, because of the quirky title.
It's also free - seemingly permanently.
I enjoyed reading Shopping at Tesco so much, I read it twice and immediately downloaded the author's collection of short stories,

London Tsunami & Other Stories.

What a marvellous set of short stories.

Such a variety of content and characters and so well written - not a word wasted.

So, on to reading
I Came to Find a Girl

with high expectations that it was going to be something special.
And, it certainly was.

From the book description:

When art student Mia meets famous artist Jack Flood, she later wakes naked in his hotel room with no idea what has occurred. She fears she may have been filmed for one of his future artworks. Should she go to the police? And what has happened to her missing friend? Women are being murdered, and the city seems a more dangerous place.

I Came to Find a Girl is a gripping and enthralling psychological thriller.

Set in Nottingham this is the story of a young art student's twisted relationship with the famous artist, Jack Flood.
Every page crackles with unspoken menace and Jaq Hazell's dark, edgy style takes the reader right into the heart of student life and Mia's disastrous encounter with Flood.

I couldn't stop reading until I reached the dramatic finale.

This really is a stunning novel and well deserving of all the accolades that have been heaped upon it.

I Came to Find a Girl is available to download from the Amazon Kindle Store and

further details can be found on the author's Amazon page.

I Came to Find a Girl is available "free" for Kindle Unlimited subscribers.
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