Never Again by Nicky Clifford

Mountains, Mystery, Romance

What more do you want for a great holiday read?

Harriet Anderson’s life is spiralling out of control. Unused to such mayhem, she ditches her high-powered job to take refuge in the Swiss Alps where she meets Philippe Smith, a crime writer with a dark and shadowy past. Thrown together by chance, is their fate intertwined? Will the karma and romance of the mountains and the quaintness of the Alps soothe their troubled souls?
Or will their rocky paths create avalanches that cannot be avoided...

I enjoyed reading this debut novel from Nicky Clifford.

In Never Again

the on-off romance shared by Harriet and Phillippe has a wonderful variety of complexities and the Alpine setting where the romance commences is charming and beautifully described.
Greg, Harriet's ex, must be in the running for a worst boyfriend of the year award but otherwise the supporting cast is full of interesting and delightful characters.

Definitely an author to read again.

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