The Geisha Hummingbird: a travel mystery by Jeffrey Perren

I've enjoyed reading the other novels by Jeffrey Perren and The Geisha Hummingbird is no exception. 

The intriguing title sets the scene for an entertaining novel with a complex plot.

The charming book cover indicates the route this "travel mystery" is going to take and there are many blind alleys, wrong turnings and missed directions along the way.

The novel is set in nineteen sixties UK in the world of plate tectonics, ship design and oil exploration. This combination of detailed reality and a highly imaginative plot results in a fast paced mystery-thriller with an unusual romance at its core.

The love triangle between Magar, Carl and Phillip is complex and evolving and keeps the reader unsure as to the likely  outcome until the very end.

There's a large cast of supporting characters some of whom exhibit seriously disturbed tendencies but the good-guys in the tale are more than capable of dealing with them.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable read with my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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