The Heartfelt Series by Adrienne Vaughan

The Heartfelt Series by Adrienne Vaughan 

comprises three novels which together tell the romantic story of Marianne and Ryan who have more ups and downs in their relationship than you can even begin to imagine.

Set on the beautiful west coast of Ireland 

the three books are a charming and delightful  escape into a world of intrigue and mystery as well as romance.

Book One - The Hollow Heart - introduces Marianne Coltrane, 

a feisty, award-winning journalist who uncovers a devastating travesty of justice involving the sale of babies by the church in Ireland. Fighting her corner in the male-dominated world of newspapers she witnesses a terrorist attack that changes how she thinks about her future and what she really wants. Taking herself off to the wilds of the west of Ireland to re-evaluate her life, she encounters the soon to be world-famous actor Ryan O'Gorman, to her mind the most conceited, infuriating man in the world. He in turn loathes journalists, especially female ones. One thing they do have in common is they both think their chance of true love has passed them by. As they both begin to fall in love with Innishmahon, their spiritual home, they discover the very fabric of the island is threatened and as the islanders find themselves in grave danger, Marianne and Ryan join forces to save that which they hold most dear. But the road is rocky for this fiery, opinionated pair ... and when Ryan discovers his ex-fiance is carrying his child, things take a turn for the worst. Can he talk his way out of this one? And will Marianne even care, when she unwittingly reveals the most devastating secret of all, the truth behind her past and her own parentage.

I really enjoyed reading The Hollow Heart 

and especially liked the main character, Marianne. The story line is great and the ups and downs of her relationship with Ryan makes it a really engaging read. I read Book One almost without stopping and was straight onto Book Two.

The next book in the trilogy is A Change of Heart.

The main character, Marianne, continues to develop and there are ever more ups and downs in her relationship with Ryan. It's a really entertaining and exciting read filled with glamour, mystery and intrigue from start to finish. The characters develop well and the plot is nicely complex ensuring a high level of reader engagement. Naturally, I was straight on to Book Three to find out what was going to happen next.

The final part of the Heartfelt Series is Secrets of the Heart.

 Finally free to be together on the remote Irish isle of Innishmahon, Marianne Coltrane and Ryan are looking forward to life away from the bright lights of Hollywood and the constant pursuit of the paparazzi. 
However, when nature conspires to keep them apart and Ryan puts both his own and his son's life at risk, Marianne finally realises how determined he is they should be a family. She now needs to put aside her own, deep rooted fear of commitment and come to terms with the sinister secrets buried within her family history.
Yet when Ryan's own devastating secret is revealed, and their world is turned upside down, Marianne has to call upon more than determination to see them through. She has to believe in love with every fibre of her being, because if she cannot, it could mean not only the end of their relationship, but even life itself.

Doesn't Secrets of the Heart sound compelling? 

And it really is a can't-put-it-down book.
I enjoyed all three books in the series and this final installment brought the trilogy to a great ending. I liked the way the author recapped some of the characters who reappeared as the story evolved. The main characters are well developed and there's a large cast of fascinating minor characters too. The island setting is lovely and beautifully described. The plot is a mix of romance, adventure, mystery and glamour and keeps you in suspense for the final outcome right to the very end. Very enjoyable!
You can get details of all three parts of the Heartfelt Series on author Adrienne Vaughan's Amazon Author Page. I read all three volumes of the Heartfelt Series while my bookblog was hibernating over the Winter but it would make an ideal holiday read, Winter or Summer.