An Interview with Author D.N. Frost

I'm delighted to welcome author D.N. Frost to Indie Bookworm.

D.N. Frost is the creator of Tales of the Known World and today she's going to tell us about Book 1 in the series: Awakening.

First, let's read the book description of Awakening taken from the Amazon website.

Centuries ago, the prophetic Golden Age ended in war, and history spiraled into darkness. Now, only scholars retain the last portent of the mythic city A'lara, concealed in a distant glade for the advent of the dragon mage.

At the edge of the Known World, the slave Larin escapes her new lord before she meets his dark masters. Deep in the mountains, the legendary elf Kingard awaits his call to battle. When young Darek flees imperial mages tasked to exterminate shape-shifters, he launches them all on a voyage to redeem their unsought destiny.

United by fate and guided by prophesy, their growing band of fugitives journey for A'lara to fight the ancient evil infiltrating the capital. But looming over the gears of fate, their enemies follow the same prophesies. With the unknown close upon them, Kingard and his allies face a mortal quest to restore their infected empire.

It's a great pleasure to meet you Ms. Frost

and thank you for taking time out of your busy writing life
to share some of your thoughts with me and the readers of Indie Bookworm.

1. Why did you write Awakening?

I have many reasons for writing, but I wrote my first book mainly to inject qualities of literary fiction into the rather diluted fantasy genre. As the reading public is generally aware, modern fantasy novels tend to be either Lord of the Rings rehashes or romantic drivel ensconced in supernatural trappings. I love exploring notions of magic and empowering my readers with their liberating ramifications, and I noticed a distinct lack of quality fiction within the fantasy genre. Determined to fill this niche myself, I set out to write a fantasy saga imbued with the human stories, masterful writing, and social commentary of literary fiction.
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2. What kind of reader would enjoy Awakening?

Readers of literary fiction would enjoy Awakening, especially if they also enjoy epic fantasy. Reviews of my Tales of the Known World saga praise its in-depth characters, well-written prose, and engaging storyline. So far, I've been focusing my marketing efforts on fantasy fans hungry for a higher caliber of epic fantasy. However, I've received positive feedback from numerous readers who have never read another fantasy book in their lives. These readers praise the novel's relatable characters and gripping plot, as well as how naturally the fantasy features of my world integrate with the story and how realistically the book embodies various cultures, governments, and other aspects of human life. If you are looking for great literary fiction with an unconventional twist, Awakening is for you.
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3. How did you develop your characters?

In life, I have the profound ability to see things through other people's eyes, and this empathic dexterity shines through in my writing. The characters themselves develop in two ways. Most prominent in their development are their own internal drives, what they desire and how they want their own stories to turn out. Less prominent but just as important are the demands the story itself, what must be done and who the characters must become in order to enact those deeds. Real people grow and change through a mixture of experience and insight, and I mirror that in all my characters, whether they are heroes or villains, large roles or small. Ultimately, I perceive each character as a real human, vibrant, indomitable, and striving for fulfillment in a world all too often choked with grief.
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 4. What has been the biggest influence on your career as a writer?

It is difficult to isolate a single influence as the biggest or most important. I don't have any heroes, just a sea of people I respect and admire. Ultimately, I think the biggest influence on my writing career has been me. I felt a yawning void in my beloved fantasy genre, a void I sought to fill with my own work. But beyond this inspiration to produce great work, I feel a profound calling to impart spiritual concepts and evoke honest introspection in the people with whom I interact. This spiritual calling manifests in many forms, from overt counseling sessions to the subtle but pervasive maxims that under-gird the magic systems of the Known World. By exploring these maxims in a fantasy setting, I circumvent a lot of real-world resistance to different spiritual ideas and instead present them in a way that readers can easily absorb and explore while still feeling self-consistent.
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5. Are you working on any new writing at the moment?

I'm always working on something new. My Tales of the Known World saga spans centuries and at least eight books, plus a number of planned short stories and bonus scenes. I am currently in the revision phase of my second novel, Broken. Beyond the story, I'm also working on new content for my website, which hosts a number of mini-series about writing, map-making, world-building, my personal inspirations, resources and bonus content from the Known World, and prophetic riddles in meter and rhyme. I also present a slew of guest resources, including book reviews, project collaborations, contributions to my website, and my advocacy of people who inspire me along the way. My latest works are also featured in my twice monthly newsletter.
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What a fascinating interview, Ms Frost.

You've certainly piqued my interest in TotKW. I've visited your website several times to follow the links you've given above and to read some of the other pages too. You're a skilled cartographer and the maps of The Known World are beautiful. I've signed up for your email newsletter and enjoy reading it. And, of course, I'm looking forward to reading Awakening. A huge thank you for your interview here today and every success with your future writing.