Long Spoon by Kath Middleton

Kath Middleton is an interesting author whose writing ranges from drabbles and short stories, through novellas to full length novels such as the recently published Long Spoon. 

I've read nearly all Kath Middleton's books and was delighted to find she'd released a new title. 

Well, Long Spoon is another surprise from this talented author: an entertaining and well written book as you'd expect but quite unlike anything she's previously published.

Long Spoon takes the reader into student life 

and the desire of two friends, Ed and Paul, to make loads of money. Their plan is to sell a home-made legal high to their friends and other students for a grossly inflated price. Ed becomes carried away with what they might accomplish although Paul is the person in the firing line when things get out of hand.
It's possible that Ed is one of the most unlikable main characters ever devised.
Even at the end of the story when he's undergone something of a transformation Ed remains an obnoxious character. So brilliantly envisioned by the author; really well done. The mirror for Ed is his fellow student, Paul, a gregarious, engaging character who simultaneously encourages Ed's genius while trying to help Ed become more socially aware.
The other cast members in Long Spoon range from the charming and quietly intellectual Rose to some seriously scary heavies via a motley collection of middle aged, middle class truth seekers. Kath Middleton's descriptions of their hippy commune are well observed and very funny.
There are some underlying serious aspects to the novel but these are explored without dragging the book down.
I particularly enjoyed the way the author leads the reader to think the novel is heading in one direction then suddenly throws a spanner in the works and goes off in another. This keeps the book light and lively and makes for a most entertaining read.

You can get details of Long Spoon and Kath Middleton's other books on her Amazon Author Page.