Pattern of Shadows by Judith Barrow

Pattern of Shadows is a wonderful story 

set in the latter days of World War Two somewhere in the north of England.

Mary Howarth is a nurse 

who is part of a medical team given the unenviable task of caring for sick and injured prisoners of war at the prison camp hospital.

Mary starts a relationship with one of the guards at the camp, Frank Shuttleworth. 

The relationship proves difficult for Mary but Frank is persistent.
Meanwhile, Mary's home life is far from easy and she finds solace in her work.

As the novel evolves Mary's life becomes increasingly fraught and complicated. 

To say more would be to give away an extremely well constructed plot which explores some challenging issues of the day.
I've already read Silent Trauma by this author and know that Judith Barrow can write about difficult subjects with sensitivity and honesty.

The writer displays that same talent again in this novel. 

The novel is well researched and the sense of time and place is established securely.
The author has created a group of characters who are very real and the dialogue and interactions between them are a strength of the writing.
The romance element of the novel has a degree of predictability but when the concluding chapter is reached there is a sense of relief that what was anticipated has occurred.

Pattern of Shadows is the first of a three part set which takes the story on further and it's going to be fascinating to see what happens next.

Details of all Judith Barrow's novels are on her Amazon Author Page.