I’m Cathy Murray 

and I'm the author of Cabbage and Semolina: Memories of a 1950s Childhood, an ebook published in 2015.

An Amazon bestseller in the Social and Urban History category, Cabbage and Semolina was featured in the McCarthy  and Stone “Life and Living” magazine (Summer 2016 edition page 16).

With over 100 favourable reviews on Amazon, Cabbage and Semolina was described by one reader as “a forty minute read with a cup of tea and smiles all around”.

Cabbage and Semolina 

is available from Amazon as a Kindle ebook and also in paperback. If you’re wondering why I titled the book Cabbage and Semolina you'll have to read the free sample on the Amazon bookpage!

I’m a former primary school head teacher and in 2012 I founded Spurwing Ebooks to take advantage of Kindle Direct Publishing and the ebook revolution. In addition to my family history books I publish the writing of Michael Murray. He is the author of the best selling DCI Tony Forward novel, A Single To Filey

If you’re interested in finding out more about the other ebooks I’ve published please check out my website or visit our Amazon author pages.



I'm on Twitter @spurwing_

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Cathy Murray