Review Policy

I only write reviews of books I've enjoyed reading. 

If I'm not going to give a book four or five stars on Amazon I stop reading.
I'm too old to keep reading something I'm not enjoying. As someone has said before, "Too many books; not enough time."

I post reviews on 

Amazon, Bloglovin', Google Plus, Goodreads and Twitter.

I read widely: 

literary, contemporary, classical, historical, crime, romantic, thriller and post-apocalyptic fiction. I usually don't read and never review erotica that promotes violence against women.

I often read books that are in Kindle Unlimited but I occasionally download free books from the Amazon Kindle Store or Smashwords. I don't usually accept ARCs but if I have it will be clearly stated in the review.

I don't make money out of this blog.

I don't ask authors to pay me for reviews. I'm not an affiliate of any retail sites and  I don't make any money out of the booklinks included in the reviews either. I write reviews and other blogposts because I want to support the authors I've enjoyed reading. If I can help those authors to find a wider audience for their writing then, job done.

Thankyou for visiting my blog.

I hope you find your next book or meet your next favourite author.